Create simple blogs with tumblr. Tumblr is a very simple app to use to create blogs. Are you going to leverage the easy micro-blogging with your plr articles? The one thing to think about is the time involved.

Are you going to put your efforts into building up a blog on tumblr versus building your own websites? The time invested in making a tumblr is short, but you don’t have as much control. Is it a better idea to use the time to invest in buying domain names and using web hosting with wordpress?

The control factor could make a difference. When you are not using your own hosting, you are not in the power position. You have to play by the rules of the platform. What is the value that you can gain by using tumblr blogs versus setting up your own blogs on your own web hosting accounts?

Learning how to get started with blogging could be a part of your goals and plans. Blogging with tumblr could open up the doors for more blogging options later on. The cost of buying internet domain names and web hosting might be the thing that is holding some people back. Creating a tumblr blog is quick and simple.

Gator Website Builder

Getting comfortable with blogging on tumblr could build up the confidence to venture into creating your own web hosted blogs with a web hosting company wordpress setup. For some, installing blog software like wordpress on a web hosting account might seem to complex or complicated. Others might be more tech savvy, but some people might not think that they have the skills required to install wordpress correctly. There are web hosting companies that make it really easy to install wordpress.

Starting off your blogging with tumblr is not a bad idea. Everybody has to start somewhere. Tumblr does make it simple to post your content. At some point, the idea of doing more with a blogging site is going to come up. If making money from a blog is something of interest, learning more about creating your own internet blogs with web hosting is probably something to consider.

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