Start thinking outside of the box when it comes to the income. Lots of people are still thinking about getting the regular full time jobs, but there could be other options. Lots of people are considering the online remote jobs and the gig work for additional income. Going to the job opening pages and waiting to get an interview might be a long road. The people that want to get the jobs might consider the side gig options to add income.

The mindset of going to the job boards might be already in concrete. People know about filling out the resumes and waiting to get a call back, but the gig work might be a different ball game. It just goes to show the power of the technology. In the last downturn, new companies popped up with a different work option. The high speed internet and the large numbers of smartphone users expanded the options.

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Don’t forget about the change to the online shopping. Plenty of people are buying online and the requirements for more shipping and delivery could have picked up. It is easy to see all the amazon delivery drivers going around town dropping off packages. Buying online and getting items delivered could have opened up more need for delivery drivers. Downloading the apps to the smartphone and signing up for the gig work apps might open up new avenues for earning.

Looking at the bank accounts and credit card statements might be enough to start searching for more ways to get money and resources. The monthly medical bill payments need to get addressed and the idea of getting a side hustle to fill in the gaps could be timely. Are people going to look at the side hustlers blueprint?

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