Crypto is the hot topic these days.   People might be driving around town and they already know where the retail banks and credit unions are located.  People are up to speed with going to the local atm to pull out cash when they want it.  Buying items in the store and getting cash back from their debit card transactions is nothing new.  Are more people starting to do more shopping and buying online?  Paying with debit cards and credit cards is not a big deal anymore.  Now, there are even more options like crypto.

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There are probably still a lot of people that are thinking about moving slow when it comes to crypto.  Some people might like being early adopters, but you cannot blame the people that sit on the sidelines to make sure that it is okay to go into the pool.  It takes a while for things to become the new normal.  It might not be so strange to hear about crypto now.  People are thinking about getting a gemini exchange crypto account.  The names of some of the companies are starting to show up more often.

Taking the simple step of pulling up some of the popular crypto coins might spark a lot of interest.  Some people might turn to watching the crypto youtube videos to start learning more.  Reading books on crypto might also bring more information about the concepts.  The learning curve might be big and some people might just want to wait.  It might start to change over time.


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