Adding more brainstorming to your process could be a big shift. Are you going to start using the ai tools to start building on your brainstorming sessions? Lots of people are talking about ai and the topic of brainstorming has been around for a long time. The good old pencil and paper are now another option outside of the computer tools.

Plenty of people might still be in the dark when it comes to the topic of ai. The topic might start creeping up more often. It is easy to see some of the mentions online and on the tv set.
The financial tv shows talk a lot about ai and how it can impact the future. For the regular person, the ideas around chatgpt might not hit home. They might be focused on other areas, but for some, the potential of ai might be front and center.

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Learning more about ai could be in the near future. For some people online, they might already begin to see it used in some of the applications online. Some of the online search tools are starting to add the ai options.

The power of computing is starting to make a difference. Some people might only know about ai chat gpt, but there are others. The computer generated graphics is another area that is starting to make some waves. Are you seeing some of the graphics coming from midjourney?

Technology moves quickly and everybody is trying to keep up. Who knows where this road will turn?

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