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There are lots of topics that people are talking about right now. The stimulus checks are a hot and trendy topic. What do you think about the stimulus checks? Do you think that it is a good idea to send out the stimulus checks? Are people paying attention to the economy?

Student loans are another one of the hot topics. The student loan payments and student loan debts might be on the minds of the people that went to college and financed their college costs. Lots of people might want to know when the student loan payments are going to restart. Are people going to get more jobs to help payoff the student loan debts? Are people going to end up in student loan default?

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Another big topic is people and work. Working online has really picked up steam. In the recent past, people are starting to use the technology tools like zoom to stay in contact. Working from a home office is becoming an issue. Are people going to return to the office or is working from the home office going to be the new normal?

Are people going to start using this time to start adding more skills for the online marketplace? Are they going to spend time reading information on the emerging industries on the internet? People are talking about digital assets online and the potential. People are also talking more about the crypto currencies. Are you trying to keep up with all the new trends like crypto, nft and smart contracts? There are so many new developments happening.

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