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The internet article writing can handle the trending topics.  Right now, the people that watch the nfl might be interested in a few stories.

Trey Lance was recently traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Dallas Cowboys.  The Dallas Cowboys already have a starting quarterback.  Dak Prescott is the current qb for the Cowboys and he is slotted to keep that role.  Trey Lance is currently the QB3 in Dallas.  Lance was a first round draft pick with lots of potential, but injuries kept him off the field.  Now, Trey has another opportunity to catch on with a new team.

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Another big story that nfl fans are following is the Nick Bosa negotiations.  Bosa is a big part of the 49ers defense and getting him resigned is a top priority.  The SF 49ers fans are on edge waiting to hear about the signing and some rumors popped up about a potential trade online. Will the 49ers pay up or is a trade in the future?  There is a lot of talk of the 49ers superbowl window and fans are waiting to hear the latest news.


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