Start thinking about random topics and expand your typing skills.  You might want to start typing more often and think about some of the items that are random.  Maybe you ware thinking about crypto and you want to start earning.

It might be easy to remember that you signed up with celsius. Earning crypto might be one of the things on your to do list. People are talking a lot about crypto in the media and you might want to get in on it. Do you have a crypto wallet? Are you watching the crypto tutorial videos on youtube? It might be time to find the crypto beginner videos on youtube.

There could be lots of things on your shopping list.  You might find the latest costco mailer that shows the tech deals.  Are you going to put some money down on a lg montior at costco?  When you pull up the costco webpage and you see the computer monitor deals at costco, you might have the urge to put the monitor in the shopping cart.  This could be a big choice.  You could already have a computer monitor that operates just fine, but there is something about the big computer monitors that have space.  The widescreen computer monitors might come in handy when you are sitting at your desk.

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The talking about computers might start to make you hungry.  What is a quick snack?  It just so happens that you could have noticed a sale at the store and picked up lays sour cream and onion potato chips.  Opening up the bag of lays potato chips can instantly hit the spot.  How are you going to close the bag?  It can be a task when you open up the drawer and you don’t see any twist ties.  You might even have to find a rubber band to close the chip bag up.

Getting the snacks out of the way could shift your thinking again.  Driving down the road and looking at the gas prices can be shocking.  Have you ever noticed prices reaching these levels?  You never know what you are going to see.  You might have wanted to get a pick up truck, but when you pull up the miles per gallon, the costs might change your mind.  Are you going to look into the new ev trucks?  How much do the electric trucks cost?  How long does it take to charge up an electric truck?



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