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Viewing the videos on youtube can bring up lots of interesting ideas and concepts.  Some people might have access to internet and smartphones, but they don’t choose to start using them to make money online.  There are different ways to use your efforts online and lot of people are probably just stuck looking at the video content.

Some people are thinking about making money and they see the potential of the social media accounts and the videos as potential income producers.  The videos are like digital real estate.  You might see some of the content creators talking about the ups and downs of running the video channels too.  They might not have the number of subscribers that they want and they might not get the amount of video views that they desire.  Are they going to stick with it long enough to start earning money online with videos?


One of the big topics is channel monetization.  Starting a video channel is pretty simple, but making money might still be like chasing one of those animals around the yard.  The competition for the attention online is high.  Anyone can jump into the user generated content space and start to make the climb.  Will they be successful?  This is the big question.

The video content creators might start off small and try to build up over time.  The simple smartphone or cell phone might be the only tool in the toolkit, but they get started.  Others might have the expensive and premium cameras and smartphones, but they never get around to pressing the record button.  Procrastination is probably just one of the road blocks that is keeping the channels at the stop sign.

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Coming up with a plan to get started and getting the content lined up could take focus.  Some people might want to become the social media influencer, but others might want to stay in the background.  Starting the faceless digital marketing might be another road to consider.  It is important to remember that things are not standing still.  The technology tools are in the marketplace and keeping up is essential.  Are you going to use ai software tools and outsourcing to create the content that is wanted by the audience?

There are lots of formats for videos and it could take some research to figure out the right type for you.  Are you going to do the interview channels?  Are you going to create the tutorial videos in the educational space?  What about the talk show panels with lots of people?  Creativity could come into play to figure out the road ahead.

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The social media applications are popular destinations for people with the smartphones and mobile devices.  How many smartphones in the world?  The global internet users might want to use the social media apps and it opens the door for potential income.  Are you going to join the ranks of the content creators?

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