Figure out the job landscape and think about where things are heading.  It could be a great idea to start taking up the online courses in the areas of technology.  The tech jobs and the economy can shift, but the skills can always be valuable.

Are you going to learn more about databases and information?  Technology degrees and tech certificates are popular topics online.  You might watch videos online that discuss the topic of college degrees versus tech certificates.

Are you going to pick up the skills with the relational databases like sql?  SQL Server and Oracle database have been in the industry for a long time.  Picking up the database knowledge expands your potential in the workforce.

Other types of databases are also available.  Some workers might put their talents into the newer ideas like graph databases and nosql.  Getting training in the databases outside of the relational database model expand your opportunities.

There are lots of database management options.  Are you going to get training in neo4j?  Are you going to learn about document databases like mongodb?  Learning about the opportunities could change your thinking.  Some people might just want to stick with the older technologies like the sql standards.

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Youtube could be a great place to learn about database technologies.  Watching the data analytics tutorials on youtube could spark your interest in learning more.  Are you going to search for the job requirements for getting into the data business?

Youtube also has another advantage.  You can find lots of people that have already worked in the world of data.  Watching video content from people that have worked as data analyst and data engineers can provide more clarity into the day to day activities in those job roles.

Learning about the options like google certifications might bring up a very good question.  Are you going to go for a 4 year college degree or are you going to find a high quality certification?  There is a big debate online about whether the 4 year degree is worth the time and money.  College tuition and student loan debt is a popular topic online.  Finding work in the tech sector and high salaries for tech jobs might be an attractive force for people thinking about choosing the tech route.


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