Google Search – Typing In Your Search Questions


If you want to know something, you might just open up your computer and point your internet browser to the page. Entering your search query on is going to bring back some search results.

You might want to know some information like the number of indian college graduates. India has a large population and you might think about the number of college graduates that india is producing. Entering the search terms into the google search engine could show some interesting results.

The power of typing in a few search terms and getting an answer to your question is mind blowing. In the past, someone might have wanted to know this information, but there was not really a quick answer. Now, a person could be sitting at home on the computer or using their smartphone to get the answers that they want.

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Looking through the google search results might bring up topics that you didn’t think about originally. Are the college graduates finding jobs? Employment for college graduates might be an interesting topic. What are the college graduates going to do after getting their degrees? If they don’t find jobs, are they going to start their own businesses?

Outsourcing could be a topic that is related. Are the indian college graduates going to turn to freelancing or consulting? The internet can expose talent to a wide audience. Outsourcing sites like fiverr and upwork are options for freelancing.

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