Viewing the delivery driver videos on youtube can be a way to spend some of your extra time. The gig apps and the gig economy is a hot topic. People want to make more money and food delivery is trending. People might not want to get in the traffic to get their items and this opens up the opportunities for the delivery drivers.

Food delivery is not new. People have delivered pizzas for years, so what is the big deal about driving for the gig economy companies? People are busy and spending time in traffic picking up food might be a cost that is not worth it.

Making more money could be the main factor for people that want to put more money into their bank accounts. One of the ideas is the freedom to work when you want. Are the gig economy jobs better than the retail jobs or the fast food worker jobs?

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Some people don’t want to be tied down to the retail location. The idea of jumping into your car and shopping at stores might be appealing to some. The internet and technology brings up new opportunities that might not have been available in the past. The smartphone and apps are opening up new doors.

Enterprising delivery drivers are starting to create video channels to help boost their reach and income. They are building up youtube channel subscribers and view counts and adding in new skills along the way. Editing youtube videos and creating entertaining content might turn into transferrable skills down the road. Who knows how much revenue can be generated from video content in the future?

The gig economy jobs add extra impact to the economic engine. There are new ways of getting things done. People are driving uber and they are finding ways to monetize some of their free time. Some are turning to the gig app jobs to build big incomes.

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