Get Up To Speed With The Basics of Crypto and Blockchain


Crypto is a hot topic.  Turning on cnbc or bloomberg and watching the crypto news could become a part of your daily routine.  Checking the prices for the crypto projects on websites like or or might be just the beginning.  Are people going to stop there?  Just looking at the pricing is one thing, but really learning about the potential of the tech might be something different.

Clicking on the websites and downloading the crypto project whitepapers could require a bigger time investment.  Learning the basics of crypto, blockchain and bitcoin might not be the priority for a big chunk of the people.

Going to youtube to watch the crypto tutorials might bring an overview.  Reading books on crypto and getting accounts might be another way to learn.  Lots of people might not be keeping up with the changes happening.  They might notice the bitcoin atm machines when they are filling up their gas tanks at the gas station.   They might notice the bitcoin logo on some of the apps that they are using.  The option to buy bitcoin in some of the apps like cash app and others might be the first step.

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Things have changed a lot over the years.   People might keep up with the updates.   They might notice the self checkout registers at the grocery stores.  Maybe they don’t even shop as often inside of the stores.  They might might like shopping online and getting their groceries delivered.  How people pay for items is just another thing to add to the list.  Some people still search for the local atm machine near me, but others might pay with their debit cards and credit cards.   Learning more about crypto wallets could be another topic to put on the schedule.  Is bitcoin and blockchain going to go mainstream?  Lots of companies are talking about the subject.  It might be a good idea to get at least the introductory information on the topic.

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