Flex Your Typing Skills and Add More Content To Your Sites


Keep your typing skills fresh by opening up your computer and starting to write simple articles that can be informative.  You might have lots of ideas that are floating around that could be used for making quick articles that could lead to potential income.

Make a list of the websites that you like to visit.  Are you shopping on amazon for the latest kindle ebooks?  Are you going on ebay to find the best deals on computer accessories?  You might be able to build up a quick list of things that you want to shop for and it could turn into new article content.

Think about a problem that you had to recently solve.  You might have picked up a piece of technology equipment, but you had a hard time trying to get it to work.  What did you do?  Where did you go online to find the solution?  Did the solution online work?  You could have lots of article ideas.

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When it comes to typing and writing, you might choose to take another crack at it.  Writing the article one time might reveal different options that can turn into more articles.  You might want to think about the article content like seeds.   One topic could lead into lots of others.

Keeping your typing skills fresh could open up new options.  Maybe you want to write about some of the current stories in the news.  What has been online recently that caught your attention?  It might have been the ups and downs of the stock market and the crypto market.  People might be pulling up their brokerage accounts and crypto wallets to see how the numbers have changed.   Others might be driving around town looking at the current gas prices.  When will the prices for gas start to go back down?  Starting to type might bring up lots of related information that could sprout up into more article content.

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