What comes to mind when you hear the word nfts? Are they going to be a big deal moving forward? They kind of took off a while back, but now, you don’t really hear too much about them. Are they just art? Could there be other uses? Who knows?

Blockchain and smart contracts and crypto are the big buzz words. How much will these topics play in the future. It could be a great time to visit the youtube website and start researching them. If you don’t know about smart contracts, the smart contracts youtube video tutorials could help bring some understanding.

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When you are watching tv, you might hear more about bitcoin. Some people might even start checking the prices for bitcoin. For the people that bought bitcoin early, they might look at their purchase through positive eyes. For the people that didn’t get in at the early stages, they might run the calculations and wonder what could have been. It can be stark to see how much even a small purchase of bitcoin could have grown to in the future.

Getting started with the basics of crypto could begin with learning. Earning rewards and airdrops might be concepts that start to stick. Are you going to take the extra steps of getting your own crypto wallets? Crypto hardware wallets and software applications vary and figuring out how to move forward could take some research.


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