Brainstorm ideas for how to put the information in front of the audience. Are you going to start using the ai tools to add more value?

The ai could be a place to go for generating ideas. Even if you don’t agree fully with the ideas, it could be the springboard. You might think about the topic in a different way.

Learning how to use the ai tools could start to add new terms. Are you considering prompt engineering? Entering the ai prompts is a big step.

Ai digital artwork is a hot topic online these days. You might come up with a topic and leverage ai to bring your ideas to the forefront.

Think about a topic and see where it can go with the ai. Making ebooks, courses and other digital products could be the future.

Gator Website Builder

Innovation is happening. Some people might still want to do things in the old ways. How is ai going to impact the exercises that people do? Are they going to stick with the old options like
massive yoga pack?

Ai has been around for a while, but chatgpt has really gained popularity. Some people are going to sit on the sidelines, but the game has changed.

Are you going to start learning more about the different tools available? How are you going to put them to work for your business ideas?

Some people are not going to wait to explore the ai advantage.

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