Are you going to stick with the evergreen topic of making money? This is something that will always be able to get someone to stop and think about it. People might have their own dreams and wants when it comes to money. They might already have lots of money, but they could still be interested in the subject.

How are people going to make more money? Are they going to learn investing to grow their money by making good financial decisions? Are they going to look for more ways to work for money? Getting a second job might be another way to add money into the bank account. What about starting a business? People might have dreams of becoming the boss and starting a company that can be handed down to future generations. There are so many ideas that can start to pop up when you start thinking about money.

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What would you do if you were able to reach your financial goals? If you opened up your online banking app and saw a number that made you realize that you made it, what would you do? Is that number a million dollars? Is that number a billion dollars? Would you do anything different? Would you keep on working? Would you start travelling around the world?

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