The survival and prepping niche could be the on ramp for lots of products and services. What comes to mind when you think about the survival niche? Does your mind immediately go to some of the movies or tv shows that you have watched? You might be a fan of the fear of the living dead tv shows.

Some people might think about what could happen if things go wrong. For others, they might just be trapped into their normal habits without veering off into other potential issues. Watching tv shows might be the spark for thinking about making plans just in case.

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Watching the news and current events could also be a reason for learning more about the survival and prepping niche. Things might be great, but coming up with a basic plan might be proper planning. The daily habits might be built around all the extra technology, but what about coming up with other alternatives.

All it takes is experiencing a power outage to shift the thinking. The mindset could quickly shift. Where are the batteries and flashlights? What about the food in the refrigerator? The questions could start racing through the mind. How are you going to stay safe?

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