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Just the other day, I was sitting at the dell computer and then, I opened up the gmail email inbox and saw a message. The message was from an affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer has lots of products listed on the warriorplus website. A new product was available in the marketplace.

The headline for the email was launch problem solved. Clicking on the email was the next step. It didn’t take long to read through the email from the affiliate marketer. This email talked about the offer and had a few links. It didn’t take long to click on the link to view the salespage.

The landing page talked about list building. Building a list is not a new subject, but it is always something that should be on the list. Just remember, an email was what got me to this point. The landing page was basic and straight to the point. Do you think list building is important these days? Do you want to learn more about list building?

The landing page for the product talked about giving away free valuable marketing resources. Have you ever picked up a free offer? The landing page started to point in the direction of how to start making money from it.

It could be the right time to start kicking the brainstorming into high gear. Think about all the people that might be the right fit for getting marketing resources. Get out a pen and pad and start writing down all the variations. List building is a big subject and you want to create lots of connections.

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Do people with youtube channels need to think about list building? Do people with websites need to think about list building? An email newsletter could be a powerful tool to add to the business model. Don’t assume that people are just sitting at their computers to pull up emails. You might even have your own notifications setup on your smartphone to give a special sound.

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You could even start thinking outside of the box when it comes to your niche audiences. What about the real estate agents? They might be brand new in the real estate business and they don’t have a large budget. Could they benefit from learning about lead generation and list building?

Taking the niche list building to the next level could be the new path. The power of marketing is looking for all the different scenarios. You might pick one area and then you see a whole other area appear. The real estate niche is a big niche. Just imagine the power of adding another income stream by bringing real estate agents up to speed with list building. The real estate agents might close very large transactions and earn big sale commissions. Could marketing resources play a role in bringing in more clients that could add value to the operation?

Some people might only think about the online businesses when it comes to list building, but what about some of those retail stores that you are driving by? Do they have email newsletters? Are they taking advantage of building mailing lists? Have you ever stopped by to ask if they have a newsletter? Could this be an opening to talk with a business owner?

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