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Keep the focus on the area of work. You might want to pay attention to the trending news topics like work and economy. Do you think people are interested in getting jobs? You might turn on the tv or open up the web browser on your computer and see the headlines talking about the current job economy.

Why are people quitting their jobs? This is a big question that is trending in the news. How long will this type of information be the talking point. Making money is not going to go out of style. Think about some of the questions around making more money and it could be an opportunity.

What might push a person to consider quitting their job? They might have another job lined up. They might have enough money saved up to start a brand new business. It could be a time to start considering the different options.

Can you find private label rights content in the area around work and money? You might come across lots of plr information around the topic of starting your own business or firing your boss. There are more avenues for people to start using their talents online. Could this be part of the reason for people choosing to quit their jobs?

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What could be another outcome of people leaving their current employment? Are they at home training on new technologies that might have a bigger income attached to the employment paychecks? Think about the people that are going back to school to get degrees or certifications in technology areas. Is the search for a higher income part of the reason for ditching the low paying retail jobs?

Things are constantly changing and people might be looking at the new opportunities to earn income outside of a regular full time job. Can they make income through the ridesharing apps and the gig economy? You might see lots of people with delivery stickers on their cars from the top food delivery apps.

What is going to be the result of the people leaving some of the jobs? Are people going to rush back into the job market at a later time? Will the companies start looking for creative ways to keep up with the demand from their customers by adding in software or automation? There could be different outcomes depending on how the changes play out.

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