The crypto news is a hot topic. People might want to keep up with where the crypto coins are going. Are they going up or are they going down? People go online to keep up with the latest crypto trends.

There are more ways to pay these days. In the past, people might have got a check in the mail or they went to get cash from the local retail bank. Now, there are lots of ways to get things done and crypto is becoming a talking point.

It might still be a little bit out of the norm, but now, people are starting to see the bitcoin logos and the advertising on tv. People are starting to get more familiar with some of the crypto names. Bitcoin and eth are a couple of names that might become more familiar.

Going to the gas station to fill up might be a spot to see a bitcoin atm machine. It could be a big contrast to seeing some of the old bank branches that are now closed down. People pay lots of different ways now. Spending money and shopping online is becoming an option.

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Over time, people are going to want to know more about crypto. They might take the dive and download a bitcoin wallet. Are they going to immediately start depositing their paychecks into their crypto accounts? Some people are probably going to get started on a slower scale. They might just transfer smaller amounts into their crypto accounts and start tracking the ups and downs of the coins.

One interesting idea is the idea of
crypto rewards. When people think about rewards programs, they might just think about getting airline miles or points. Getting crypto rewards might be something that is attractive. People are going to spend money and to get rewards back for purchases that you were going to make anyway might be the difference maker. Even if the shopper is getting a small amount back, it is still something. Who knows where those coin prices will go in the future?

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