One of the ways to get crypto is through learning.  Coinbase has learning rewards.  You can read the information and answer the quiz questions and get crypto.

Getting signed up for a coinbase account and starting to learn more about the different crypto coins.  Learning more about crypto and adding coins to your coinbase account can be an exciting way to get started.

Logging into your coinbase account and watching the daily fluctuations of the values of the coins can be an eye opener.  There are probably a lot of people that are still sitting on the fence when it comes to crypto.  Some people start learning more about crypto earlier.

It is amazing to see the spread of crypto.  You might be going to the gas station and notice that there is a crypto atm machine available.  You might see the postings on social media where some companies are now accepting crypto payments.  It does seem like crypto is becoming more main stream.

Getting set up with a crypto wallet and using a crypto app like coinbase is a simple step.  People might be more use to just operating with the big banks and credit unions, but now, crypto is becoming another option.

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One of the options for spending is the debit card.  Would you consider using a coinbase debit card for your transactions?  People understand using regular bank debit cards and credit cards, but now, the crypto debit cards are starting to appear.  It might be interesting to see what the crypto debit cards have to offer.

There are still lots of ways to pay for things in the current times.  Some people might still like paying with cash or checks.  Swiping the credit card or debit card might even seem a little old school with the new technologies coming into the marketplace.  Linking your debit card or credit card to some of the payment platforms is something that seems like it is from the future.

Going online to youtube and watching some of the crypto youtube videos can really make you think.  Some people invested into crypto early.  Watching the what if you invested in crypto back in year videos can bring up memories of the past.  What were you doing back then?  Why did you miss out on the crypto craze that some people jumped in on?  It might bring up more questions.  Where do you think crypto is heading in the future?

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