Start learning more about crypto.  The crypto atm machines are starting to pop up around town.  Do you have a crypto wallet?  Going into the store to buy something has changed over the years.  In the past, it was common for people to dig into their purses or wallets and pull out cash.  Now, people might find credit cards, debit cards or pay with their smartphones by using apple pay, samsung pay or others.  Things are changing quickly.

Some people hopped on the crypto train early.  They might have heard about bitcoin and took the time to learn more.  Others might not have wanted to invest lots of time into something that could be a fad.  The days of the cold hard cash and coins has been around for a long time and people have relied on it.  Now, there are plenty of different ways to pay and shopping online is a different animal.  The internet changed everything.

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Who knows where things are heading in the future.  Going into the stores now just an option.  Some people might start to notice all the self checkout registers.  The internet makes it easy to start shopping online and getting your stuff delivered.  How will crypto play a role in the near future?  Are you starting to learn about more of the names in the crypto space?  You might be at home watching tv and start to see some of the crypto brands.

The bitcoin symbol might start popping up in more locations.  Are you seeing ways to buy crypto in more locations?   It could be time to start watching some of the crypto youtube video channels to start learning more.  Things are still in the early steps, but you don’t learn too late.  Getting started with a crypto wallet could be the first step.


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