Getting your own youtube channel and creating content could open up lots of new opportunities. One of the main ideas that people think about when it comes to youtube channels is making money from google ads.

Youtube channel monetization is a hot topic. People want to know about the youtube channel monetization requirements and they want to achieve them. How long will it take your youtube channel to get 1000 channel subscribers and 4000 watch time hours? This is the question that is keeping the youtube channel owners pulling up their youtube studio analytics.

Making income from google ads with your video channel is an attractive topic that will probably be popular for the foreseeable future. Is making money with google ads the only option for video channels?

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Keep the vision on content creation. Video is a very powerful content format. Every new video is an opportunity to connect and build with an audience. Uploading quality content to your channels is a high priority.

Consider more options for earning money from your content creation out of the gate. Your video channel might not have the google ads monetization, but that is not the only way to make money from video content. Affiliate marketing could be another potential revenue source. List building could also be another potential option for building your online traffic and income.

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