Are you going to start diving into the world of crypto?  You might still be in the dark when it comes to knowing much about how crypto works.   It is starting to go a little more mainstream.  Maybe you have seen some of the marketing and advertising talking about coinbase and other crypto companies.  It might be interesting to keep track of the current pricing for the different coins.

Are you going to search to go coinbase pro?  Getting started with coinbase might open up new ways of thinking.  What is the upside of coinbase pro?  Learning how to use the coinbase app and getting familiar with things could be the start.  Lots of people might still not know much about crypto.  They could be hearing the words, but really looking closely at it is still far off into the distance.

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How long before crypto really becomes mainstream?  People might pull into the gas station and start to notice the bitcoin atm machine near me.  They might start to see that some of the online stores are accepting bitcoin.

The big bank brands have been around a long time and they are well known.  The crypto companies are just starting to become known.  Will more people start to download the coinbase app and set up their wallets?  There are lots of companies that are starting to pop up.  Coinbase or binance might be the current conversation.

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