Things have really opened up when it comes to buying.  In the past, people might have reached into their wallets and purses to pull out the cold hard cash to buy stuff.  Pulling out a checkbook and writing a check is not something that you see these days.  Now, you have debit cards and credit cards.  The  coinbase debit card might be something to explore.

If getting crypto rewards is something that interests you, learning more about should be on the menu.  You might have started to see some of the commercials and advertising talking about coinbase.  Swiping debit cards and paying online with your debit card numbers is becoming the norm.

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People spend lots of money just doing their regular spending.  Why not look into getting rewards back?  If you are going to buy anyway, don’t you want to get something for it?  Going online to learn more about the debit cards might be a good way to spend time online.  Watching crypto youtube videos and checking the websites that show the crypto prices might be a new experience.

When people think about buying their products and services, they might first think about the big banks.  Do you have some of the big bank checking accounts, debit cards and credit cards?  You might already know about paying the monthly service fees for keeping your checking account.  Have you started to notice changes in the number of retail bank branches?  You might be driving around town and start to notice that some of the places that were banks might now be closed.  The internet has opened up more competition and crypto is one of the new ways to pay that is coming on the scene.

Are you interested in rewards with coinbase debit card?


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