One of the things to do online is to watch video content on sites like youtube. There are all kinds of interesting videos that might catch your attention. The youtube algorithm shows the results and you decide what to watch.

Searching for crypto and you might see videos that show the crypto atm machines. Are you familiar with the coinstar coin machines? You might see people from time to time going to the coin machines to exchange their coins for paper dollars.

People bring their coins to the machines and they watch as they see how much money they have accumulated in coins. The videos could become entertaining. The sound of the coin counter sorting the various coins and the numbers jumping up as the coins continue to enter the machine brings anticipation.

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The new twist with the coin machines are the addition of crypto as a payout option. Instead of just getting the usd, people can get crypto wallets and get bitcoin and other crypto. It is interesting to hear the stories of how long people have saved the coins. They might have large water jugs filled with coins and the final totals can get really high.

The coinstar machine youtube videos might even be the spark for other people to think about keeping their loose change in bottle or can. There is a fee for converting the coins. Are you one of those people that still likes to pay for items with coins? Paying for items with debit cards and credit cards does seem much faster than slowing up the line to pay for items with coins and cash. Some of the stores have self checkout machines that might include the option to add your coins.

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