Craigslist is one of the sites online that people might choose to visit to find the latest deals locally. In the old days, it might have been the regular classified ads that you could pick up at the store. People might pick up the classified ads and search for the deals like used cars and other information like furniture or low cost services.

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The internet has pulled the information online and people are not picking up the printed information in the same ways. When is the last time that you picked up a newspaper or a magazine? The digital world takes things to another level.

Searching craigslist for the cheap used cars or the free stuff might be a regular thing to do. Some people like deal hunting. Finding a really good deal by spending time searching on the internet might be a real niche.

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Another niche that people might use is searching for jobs. There are bigger brand named job sites, but craigslist is another one. Jobs and gigs might be the main focus. The need for workers can shift from time to time and going to city jobs – craigslist could bring up some opportunities. The jobs on craigslist might not be on the same level as the linkedin jobs or the jobs. [ freelance mastery ]

What about the furniture? Some people might search craigslist for the free stuff. While some people might sell their old stuff, others might just give it away. The craigslist free stuff section might include the item that people might want, but they don’t want to pay the price at the store. The free stuff items might solve the problem. A couch or an old tv might be the item that is needed at the time until a new one can be picked up.

craigslist traffic loophole

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