Walking to the mailbox and noticing the mail messages is something to do everyday. Some days, you open up the mailbox and nothing it there. Did the mail delivery carrier already deliver? Did you go to the mailbox too early in the day? You never can tell these days.

Sometimes, you open up the mail box and you see advertisements. Other times, you might see offers. The financial services offers are starting to show up again. Now, you are starting to see the credit card companies in your mail.

Are you going to open up the pre-approved credit card offers and see what they are putting on the table? Do you care about the potential for cash back rewards? Are you going to open up the letter and skip pass all the fluff in the front and immediately check for the interest rate? Some people might get stuck on the cash back percentages and points.

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What happens after you see the pre-approved credit card offer? Are you going to immediately send that letter to the nearest trash can? Are you going to think about adding another tradeline to your credit report? One of the ideas is to get the credit when you don’t need it.

What if they give you a big credit line ( navy federal credit union credit cards ) ? Are you going to quickly add some items to your shopping cart and buy them? Are you going to check for the credit card sign up bonus? The 0% intro rate on balance transfers and purchases can be an attractive offer.

Viewing the interest rates on credit cards might be kind of shocking. It all depends on how you are going to use the cards. Some people don’t plan on keeping a balance on the credit cards. They put their regular purchases on the credit cards and get the rewards, but they don’t plan on getting behind the eight ball and paying the high interest rates on the balances.

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