One of the trending topics right now is chatgpt.  AI is a big topic on the web and it might be time to start looking into it.  The keyword is still new.  People might be on youtube and start seeing the chatGPT videos show up.

Are you going to sign up to try it?  Automation is a big subject and technology can advance and change the way that things get done.  Computers in the past were not widely available.  Over time, the tech jumped forward and then a lot of new applications were created.  Software has changed the way that things operate.

So much has changed over the years.  There was a time when there was no internet.  Things seemed to move slowly.  Information and news might take a long time to reach far off locations.  Now, the internet and information are right in the palm of your hand.  Powerful computing systems are running all the time and getting answers to questions only takes an instant.

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People might not think about the tech jump, but things are different now.  Talking to computers seemed like something deep into the future back in the days of star trek and star wars.  Automation and ai are opening up new opportunities.  How will they be used moving forward?  What can you create using automation?  What are you going to make with ai?  Some people are amazed at some of the ai artwork that is being created.  Computing power and variations could bring up possibilities that might not immediately come to mind for regular people.  AI music could become a big topic. How many jobs are required to make music? How does music change when a person could click a button and generate new music from ai?

More questions could come up as a result of seeing automation and ai come into the marketplace. Are new jobs going to be created as a result of ai? What industries are going to be impacted by new technologies? Chat GPT and other ai programs are trending topics and who knows where the tech can go.

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