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Buying up private label rights at the early buy in price is the win.  It is amazing to see the price for the plr jump after the early bird price goes away.  There is something about that clock ticking down that makes you want to jump right in.

Getting plr at the early bird price is almost like playing chicken.  You might get a whiff of the offer early, but you don’t want to get in too fast.  What could be the hold up?  You might open up your email and find that you have different offers.  Getting good quality bonuses might sweeten the deal even more.  You might feel like the nfl fan that has the game on the line waiting for the field goal kicker to put your team ahead with only seconds left.  Just buying the product outright might feel like missing a field goal or dropping the game winning touchdown.

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Even if you don’t pick up the bonuses, you might still feel like a winner.  Sometimes, the price jumps for plr might be dramatic.  It really helps to get there early.  You might think about it like the years past black friday sales.  People would get line up early to get a chance to pick up deals on black friday.  Some people were strategic and picked up their items and made it out with great bargains.  Others might get to the store too late and end up paying the regular price or missing out completely.

It is a good idea to get on the mailing lists for some of the top plr providers.  Getting the emails about the upcoming releases might put you in a better position to make buying decisions.  It will become clea who offers the best bonuses.   Then it just comes down to timing.  Are you going to be ready to take action when the email hits or the coupon discount code is offered?

When it comes to picking up plr, you might have to think about the long term too.  Do you really have a need for the product right now?  Does it make sense to add it to your catalog now for a future offering?  With the low early bird pricing, it might be hard to turn away from some of the prices.  Imagine being able to sweeten the deal even more if you have a cash back rewards card.


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