Brainstorm and Think To Come Up With New Combinations


Read the plr content titles and start your brainstorming session to come up with new headlines.  You might see lots of plr content ideas and you can use them as a building point.  You might choose to look at social media plr.  What are some of the names of the files and ebooks available?  Can you start to come up with new niche variations?

When you think about plr, you want to keep niches in the back of your mind.  Sometimes a product might be targeted at one market, but the product could be very useful to another market.  Can you see new markets for plr content that are not currently in focus?

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Learn new ideas when it comes to brainstorming and thinking. Making new connections and coming up with alternatives might be your path to finding new options. You might be able to step back from the table and see something that is not clear at first.

You might be able to come up with a new combination that didn’t exist.  Just think about it like going to the local burger joint and seeing all the menu items.  They might each have their individual prices, but you might also notice that there is a combo menu.  The business owners might have come up with a combination of menu items that is bundled at a different price point.  Try coming up with your own combo menu ideas.

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