Are you starting to watch the youtube videos in the arena of crypto and digital currency? There are so many new things happening and people are trying to keep up. They might have heard about bitcoin, but there are so many other new developments that keep on filling up the social media timelines.

Some people are just sitting on the sidelines and watching the prices of the coins. Are you bookmarking the coinmarketcap website and checking the daily prices? There are lots of new terms and buzzwords that are keeping people thinking about this new space.

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People are walking around the stores and they might notice the changes in the prices. How much is the cost of food? How much is the price for a gallon of gas? The news outlook might have some people looking for alternatives. Can you still get stuff for a dollar at the dollar stores?

Some might start to notice more options like bitcoin popping up as an option on some of the apps. Noticing the bitcoin atm machines at the gas station might also be another attention grabber. Downloading crypto wallets and starting to track the coin prices might be just the beginning.
Mining, staking and other words might start to become more common.


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