Are You Thinking About Residual Income?


The general concept of making money from going to work and getting a regular paycheck is the main focus.  People like the idea of keeping their bills paid on a regular schedule.

Working for companies as an employee has been the main talking point.  The only downside of just focusing on the regular jobs is the possibility of the unexpected.

There is only so much time on the clock.  Lots of people only think about working by the clock.  They might never think about other ways to make money.

The topic of residual income might not be as popular as the regular full time job.  Working once and then making money into the future is a different ball game.

Are you going to plan to put a residual income system into place?  There are lots of options.  Some people might start turning to the digital products that don’t require exchanging time for money.

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Developing a different mindset when it comes to money might take some adjustment.  If you only know how to make money one way, it might be hard to see a different route.

Changing from one thing to another can be a difficult transition.  When you don’t know about a subject, it might seem scary to venture off into that new arena.

Exploring the possibility of earning money in a different way could be a cause for concern to some people.  Venturing off the normal route to getting money could seem risky.

Even if you learn how to make money differently a few times, it might still not register as being the viable option.

What comes to mind when you hear the words residual income?  Are you thinking about digital products online like ebooks and courses?  What about real estate?  What about software?


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