Are You Going To Get Started With Crypto?


Start learning more about crypto. You don’t want to be the last one to finally learn how to get involved with it. Things are changing quickly. You might still think about going to the local bank atm machine, but just think about how much things have changed.

When is the last time that you actually went into a local bank branch? You might have driven down the road and noticed that some of the local banks have closed some of their locations. Now, people have smartphones and the internet. Keeping up with your money online is the way.

Crypto is the hot new topic that is getting the attention. Have you downloaded a crypto wallet yet? It might still be unfamiliar, but after a while, you might start to notice the changes. The keywords like bitcoin and blockchain might start to creep into the conversations.

The tv commercials might be one of the big hints. Imagine watching a sporting event and hearing talk about crypto. Start watching videos on youtube that are in the crypto category. You might get the urge to install a wallet and consider getting a crypto debit card. You might already see some of the new options for crypto inside of your apps. Do you have a cash app account? Are you buying bitcoin?

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How many videos talking about crypto, nft and smart contracts are you going to watch back to back? Are you going to go into a deep dive to really get up to speed? Easing into the crypto learning path might just start by reading some simple ebooks like crypto for dummies.

It might be a good idea to pull up some of the websites where you can find the current crypto prices. and could be a couple of sites to add into your favorite internet browser.

There is more talk about web 3.0. When the internet first started to catch on, some people were smart in grabbing some of the digital real estate. Is the same thing going to happen in web 3.0? You might want to look at getting the new internet domain names.

Start paying closer attention to the companies that are getting into web 3.0 and crypto. You might already know about coinbase and You might be thinking about getting a blockfi account or you might even consider picking up nfts. There are lots of new companies that are getting more attention. You might need to know about companies like metamask and others.

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