Affiliate Program Rejection Reactions


You might have the hopes of promoting affiliate marketing offers, but you put in the application and you get the rejection letter. Don’t let the rejection letter deter you from moving forward with your plans. What was going to be your strategy for driving the traffic to the offers?

Just take the rejection with a grain of salt and keep on moving forward. You might have wanted to promote the offer because it was in the niche. Take the niche of outsourcing. Lots of people are talking about outsourcing these days. You might think about a couple of the top names when you consider the word outsourcing. Fiverr and upwork are the two that quickly come to mind.

So you might want to put in applications to promote both offers. What happens if you get approved for one, but the other does not approve you? Do you fall down because one of companies rejected your affiliate application, No! You just keep on putting your strategy to work.

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Could you still potentially earn money from talking about the two outsourcing companies upwork and fiverr? Maybe you have google adsense ads on your pages and if people view your content and click, you could still earn income passively. What about promoting other affiliate marketing offers that are related to the niche? You might promote offers about joint ventures and leverage.

Even if you get turned down for an offer, it could help you shift your thinking. How much are the affiliate programs paying? What are the commissions? Could your time be better spent leveraging the actual platforms to earn money?

Outsourcing is a big deal. Rejection happens all the time, you just have to stick with your own plans. Everybody is not going to be the right fit and you just have to make your adjustments.

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