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When you think about video, one of the first names that comes to mind is youtube. Are you using youtube to start getting traffic? Learning how to use youtube for traffic might be on your to do list. Video traffic is a hot topic and it only makes sense. Lots of people walk around with smartphones and they can find the youtube app and start watching content. If you are not creating content for youtube, you are missing out on the potential traffic opportunities.

Making videos might be a big hurdle, but there are lots of options. Some people don’t want to appear on camera to make the videos, but there are lots of solutions. Are you going to find a way to make video content for your youtube channel? Outsourcing is another hot topic that people think about when it comes to the online world. You might not have the skills in house to make videos, but there could be service providers that can get the job done. Searching the websites like fiverr and upwork might reveal potential solutions to your video creation issues.

When you go online, people know about making money and one of the phrases that can be heard is the money is in the list. Are you into list building? Some people might not think about setting up an email list, but there has to be a reason that people keep talking about list building. When you step back, it probably should become clear. Are you checking your email daily? Have you ever purchased something online after reading an email in your inbox? People have lots of distractions these days and an email could be a friendly reminder to stay in contact. Imagine growing a large list with lots of active subscribers. Can you see the power of being able to write a message and press the send button? List building has been a big topic for a long time and it will probably stay that way.

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What are you going to sell online? Are you going to create products from scratch? Some people might think about going down that road, but there are lots of solutions. The words affiliate marketing might need to become a part of your regular talking points. There are lots of companies that have already been down the road when it comes to making products. They are happy to pay commissions to affiliates that can generate sales. Affiliate marketing is a hot topic. It might be a good idea to go online to search google and other search engines to learn more about the available affiliate offers.

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