Adding To Your Daily Step Count


Start getting into better shape by walking more often. It could be simple and easy. Turning on your smartphone and starting the timer and walking around could be the main goal.

The step counter on your smartphone might turn into your favorite way to keep track of your daily step count. Are you sitting down too much? It might be time to put your smartphone and your walking to work.

Turning on your counter and watching video content or social media could be a way to pass the time. It is crazy how quickly the minutes fly by when you are listening to youtube videos or tiktok videos. You hear the buzzer go off and you have completed your walking workout.

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Are you going to make walking a normal part of your weekly exercise routine. Walking is different than lifting weights or even running. Getting your exercise by walking might turn into an enjoyable experience.

Comfortable headphones and your playlist could turn into your equipment. Are you going to set your walking goals? You might see some of the youtube videos that show the different step counts. Are you going for 10000 steps per day? What about 20000 steps per day?

Finding ways to sneak in more exercise could become a simple step. You might start parking farther away from the stores and get more steps in that way. Making simple changes to add to your daily step counts might turn into results.

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