Adding More Content Like Filling Up At The Gas Station


With ideas, you never know when they are going to kick in. You might be doing one thing and then an idea can just pop up that changes your direction. You never know what is triggering something else.

PLR Database

Visiting a plr website called might bring up more ideas for what to do with plr. You might see some of the free plr products on plrdatabase dot net and start thinking about more topics. Are you going to recognize some of the plr that is already listed on You might have already downloaded the information to your hard drive. Even if you have already downloaded the plr to your external hard drive, you might not have used it yet. This might be the chance to revisit the information again.

Gator Website Builder

Clicking through the products on the website could be like filling up your car at the gas station. You could be adding lots of pieces of information that can be used later on. Make sure to grab a pen and paper to start brainstorming ideas after you are finished looking at the plr.

You might overlook the amount of information that you already have. You want to revisit the information on your hard drive from time to time. You might gain new info over time and come up with a different outlook.

When you think about it like filling up the tank in your car, you know that at some point, you will be pulling back up to the gas station. The prices are going to be different and you might need to fill up at a station that is not in your normal routine.

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