Starting a business could be something on the list. The people might be looking at all the information about the current economy. The jobs numbers might be right at the top of the list.

It is easy to see the videos in the for you pages showing people losing their jobs. What is going to be the outcome? The employees might be crying in the videos because the job layoff news was unexpected.

The change that happens in the business world can be abrupt. Lots of people that are working are probably paying attention to the news. When the layoffs are happening, it might get everybody more focused. Are the layoffs going to hit closer to home?

This might be the time when people start making plans. Bracing for change might start other ideas. Is it time to freshen up the resume? Is it time to start thinking about looking for more work options? What about starting up a side hustle? The questions could start to pile up.

The social media videos might talk about other ways to earn. Digital marketing is a hot topic online and people might be interested in learning more about the digital ways to make money. It is easy to fall into the same ruts and habits. The change could be happening, but people are not really paying attention. It is like driving your normal route daily and not seeing what is happening in the nearby areas. There could have been a lot of change taking place and you didn’t notice it.

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The internet is opening up other ways to earn. Some people might not know about the digital marketing options like the faceless videos and marketing. Creating digital products is a hot trend. People might be stuck in the old ways of thinking. They might only think about searching the open job listings and waiting to get a call back for an interview. The digital product world can move quickly.

Viewing the social media channels that talk about digital products like private label rights and master resell rights might open up a new door.

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