Start putting plr content to work.

1. Blog Content.  Rewrite the plr content and use it for blog posting.  Don’t run out of topics to cover by leveraging the work of the plr writers.  Buy and download plr articles and ebooks and put them to work for your blogging efforts.

Make Content Fast

2. Social Media Content.  Turn the plr articles and ebooks into social media content.  Create images and graphics that can be posted to your social media accounts.  Come up with new headlines and titles that fit your niche and use them to direct traffic.

Gator Website Builder

Modern Social Media Marketing

3. Video Content.  Come up with a plan to put the plr articles and ebooks to work when it comes to making videos.  Create cash cow videos, start livestreaming and consider screen recording videos for more content.

7 Ways To Grow Your Youtube Channel

PLR Training

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