Problems creating content for your blogs

How many blogs do you have?  Are you at the point where you are having trouble keeping up with all of them.  It doesn’t take long for your blogging to get out of control.  It starts off slow with a simple google blogger blog.  You learn the ropes and see how fun blogging can be.  Then you start another blog.  They are so simple to start.   You just start launching blogs that fit all of your different interest.  The only problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day. You can’t write content for all of them on a consistent basis.  You are human and not a machine, right?

Blog Content Problems – Getting tired of writing all the time

Are you getting to the point where you are tired of writing it all.  You might be heading for burnout with your writing.  Are your blog starving for new content?  You launched them and added a couple of posts, but now you are giving them the cold shoulder like a person that you flirted with but found that you really don’t like.

There are solutions to your writing problems.  You can break through your writing blocks like Frank Gore through the Buffalo Bills defensive line.  This is not the NFL, but you can make like the New England Patriots with spygate.  You can give yourself every advantage possible online to make your blog win the superbowl.  I am not talking about stealing the opposing teams signals.  I am talking about using the online tools that can put your blog on the offensive like baseball players on the juice during the 90’s.  Give your blogs the roids that they need online so that they don’t appear weak and feeble compared to the other sites online.

You can get an edge online and it doesn’t have to break the bank.  There is no NFL commissioner coming to suspend you for the season.  You have access to the secrets that can get your blogs pumped up with the content that they need like Big Arnold.

You don’t have to make your sites go from puny to mister universe overnight. You can put your blogs on their own weight training program.  Get private label rights content that you can rewrite and load into your blogs that get published on regular intervals overtime.  I know you have seen those set it and forget it late night infomercials.  Well plr articles are the george foreman grills that turn your blogs into lean mean online machines.  Get the plr you need and turn them into articles that do the hard lifting.

Your blogs right now may be like the jv team that hasn’t learn how to use strength training.  They are going up against teams that are varsity level or better.  PLR is like the summer weight training and strength program that makes everybody shocked when school starts back up in the fall.  They wondered what you did over the summer.  Your blogs get the much needed attention that they deserve.

Blogs are great tools for web development and a good way to present your information.  You only have so many hours during the day to create content.  Sometimes you have to use tools to give yourself an advantage.  People don’t like the New England Patriots for a reason…They win.  The tools are there.  Use them!

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