Low Cost Computing – Raspberry Pi Kit

Learning about computers and hardware with cheap components means taking a look at the raspberry pi.  Is buying a raspberry pi something that you are considering.  Just taking a look at the small raspberry pi seems techie.  Getting a raspberry pi case makes it look like a normal and regular computer system.


Getting software for the raspberry pi means considering the windows 10 iot core or linux.  Connecting a keyboard, mouse and a monitor to the inputs is normal with most computers.

Creating computer projects might be another use of the pi.  Tinkering with computers and coming up with new uses is just a part of being creative.  Who knows what people will make with their raspberry pi kit computers.

Some of the youtube videos even showcase people building raspberry pi clusters or raspberry pi supercomputers.  The costs of the raspberry pi computers are not that expensive. Getting raspberry pi accessories might add to the costs.  Getting raspberry pi kits might have the different pieces all in one package.

Building computers from old parts might be another way of learning.  Buying used computers on ebay or finding cheap old computers on craigslist might not be the idea of fun.  Getting a low cost raspberry pi means getting something new and the current buzz.

Buying old computers means taking a chance.  Getting a raspberry pi 3 and learning how to setup the raspberry pi 3 by watching youtube videos might be a simple project.  Exploring ideas for how to use it is another discussion.

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