Just Start Asking Some Questions

Using the computer to go after online income is not something new. What is going to be your way of using the computer to earn income?

Why are you trying to earn money with a computer?

Who are the customers for your online service? What are you trying to sell online?

Writing articles with a computer is something that seems simple to complete. Learning how to blog and how to write content for ebooks seems like a simple idea.

How are people going to find your articles and content online?

What is going to make your articles and content special?

Developing websites with a computer is another option. Creating computer programs and designing graphics may be an option. Brainstorming lots of website ideas and turning them into websites could be interesting.

Who is the audience for your websites?

What are they looking for online?

Building social media accounts is something that can be done with a computer. Creating social media accounts and creating content for different niches could be a task.

Why do people like social media?

Why do they want to view your type of social media account?

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