Giving Up or Trying Something New

Wanting to earn online and actually making it happen is two different things.  Spending money and earning money online might not be so simple.

Picking out a domain name and getting the web hosting can be done fast, but getting the buyers to show up to buy something might be harder than expected. Writing lots of content, but not getting any real traffic can be a real bummer.

The costs for starting an online business might be low, but if the traffic is not coming and the people are not buying, it might be time to try something different.  Giving up might not be in your vocabulary, but what happens month after month after not seeing any positive results?

The whole point of getting online is to make some money.  What happens when it seems like the internet blogging is just doing the opposite.  Month after month, the recurring web hosting payments and the domain name renewal fees seem to come around.

Generating passive income is the dream.  Just making income online is tough.  Making it to passive income might seem like some fairy tale.  Are you stuck doing the same old things that don’t work?  Have you tried anything new?

Are you going to quit?  Are you going to try something new?

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