Different Types of Websites

Making blog type websites is just one way to go.  Installing wordpress or joomla on a domain and kicking off the blogging bonanza is something that lots of people enjoy doing.  Coming up with lots of new blog niches is just working out the brainstorming.  Sitting down and coming up with new ideas can be a fun part of your day.

Blog sites.  Making a website using blog software is super easy.  Coming up with the domain name and then installing the wordpress content management system will seem like something elementary.  After getting the site loaded up with a good wordpress theme, adding in the content is the next step.

One of the upsides of the blog sites is being able to schedule the blog posts.  Getting plr articles and rewriting them for the blog and publishing them in the future is planning number one.  Grab up a lot of plr articles and take them into the niches.  Writing the content in the voice of the niche and letting them go live at specific times is what blogging is all about.

Ecommerce sites.   Blogging sites are not the only game in town.  Some web developers might like to go for the other hot areas like ecommerce sites.  Shopping online is a big topic.  Setting up a website for ecommerce can mean finding the right option.  Selling products online is a different game than just writing blog posts.

Images and payment processing might be topics that the ecommerce site owners might value.  Learning how to build ecommerce sites might require doing some research on the web.  Watching youtube videos on how to build ecommerce sites might be an interesting way of spending the day.

Membership sites.  The concept of membership fees is all around.  People might have memberships at the local gym or they might be paying monthly membership fees for online entertainment.  Building membership websites might be another option for the internet business owner.

Monthly memberships or annual memberships are kind of common on the web.  Is the information valuable?  Is the membership site an option to consider?  Take a look at how many memberships you have.  What drew you in?  What made you want to join a membership program?

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