Cloud Computing – What about the Cloud?

What is the concept of cloud computing?  Connecting to the internet and getting things done is a normal part of the day.  The local hard drive and the local computer files might be what people think about.  Plugging in a drive to your computer and running applications on your computer is how things are done.  Using hosted applications in the cloud might be outside of the old thinking about computing and networking.

With computers and networking, sometimes old concepts get new names. People might be familiar with rebranding. The old becomes the new. The power of computing is being unleashed with high speed networks and computer systems.

What are virtual machines? Have you ever went to your computer and experienced a hard drive failure? It is not a good feeling to experience. Learning about virtual machines and online is a topic for exploration. What are the upsides of having your own computer versus using software as a service? The questions can keep on flowing.

The apps in the cloud might be an alternative. Maintaining computers and servers might be too much for some companies to handle. Outsourcing or using hosted solutions might make sense to some business owners.

Some people don’t care about how they get their computing done. It might not matter to them if they are computing in the cloud or computing locally. They just want to be able to get the job done. It might be company management that is thinking about the power of cloud computing and the advantages.

Taking courses in cloud computing and reading books on cloud computing might clear up some of the fuzzy points. Technology advancements keep on moving the ball forward. Cloud storage, cloud security might be also topics to consider checking. Low cost cloud computing accounts could be a way of learning the ropes.

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