Building Internet Websites with WordPress or Joomla

Making more websites to sell is something that is on the table.  Some people are only concerned with business one site for their business.  This is a simple idea, but others are thinking bigger.

Why stop with just building one website?  Making websites to sell to others is something to consider going forward.  Do you think there are still people that want a good looking site from time to time?  Do you think there are some people in business that don’t have the skills necessary to make good looking sites?

There are lots of ways to make sites now.  Building sites with wordpress or joomla is a quick way to make a good looking website.  There may still be some that don’t even want to do that.  They might rather pick up a site that is already completed and ready to go.

Getting off the ground with wordpress websites is simple after you learn how to do it.  Some of the web hosting companies have software that makes installing wordpress a breeze.  Learning how to build a blog with wordpress could unlock the doors to lots of niche website ideas.

Selling websites to others is just one option.  Some web developers using wordpress might decide to keep some of the niche sites in their own online portfolios.  Launch some new ideas for niche sites and give them a go.  The costs of getting web hosting and domain names might not break the bank.

Low cost domain names in the first year might be plenty of time to test out theories on new web site options.  If the website niche does not workout, there could still be a chance to sell it online or just let it expire.  Maybe the website option doesn’t work, but who knows, the domain name might still be powerful when it comes to affiliate marketing ideas.

Spending a little bit of time learning how to setup blogs with wordpress might be an option for going for extra income online.  Creating a blog means having the option of the potential of passive income.  Google adsense, list building and affiliate marketing might all be possible.


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