Blogging – Getting a Cheap Domain Name First Year Registration

Making a google blogger blog only takes a few moments. People can start blogging in a low amount of time. Sharing content like writing and images is cool when you are using google blogger.

Adding in google adsense is simple with google blogger blogs. Why do bloggers like adsense? It is a way of trying to monetize a blog. Setting it up is simple and then checking the stats to see how the ads are performing is the next step.

One of the downsides of using google blogger is the flexibility of the designs. WordPress is another blogging and content management platform. WordPress has lots of themes that can be applied to change the look and feel of the site. Blogger is a little more limited than wordpress.

One of the other downsides of using a blogger blog is the domain. Some of the bloggers might not want to tell the world that their site is being run on blogspot. Buying a domain name and attaching it to the google blogspot blog account is a way of presenting a different image.

Domains from $0.88

Domain names don’t have to be expensive. You can find lots of domain name registration name companies that offer low prices for the first year domain name registration costs. Just make sure to pay attention to the renewal amounts for the domain names at renewal time.

Making blogs is a simple way of starting an online site. Blogging is a simple way to publish information online. Are you ready to start blogging with google blogger or wordpress?

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