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What are you going to be doing online? People are talking online about the net neutrality vote. Changing the way that the internet works is still up in the air. Do you care about how the web works from the isp?

Watching youtube videos might be all that is on the mind during this shopping season. People might still not be talking about how the internet might change. People are concerned with their shopping lists and making sure that they get all the right gifts.

Entertainment might be a big part of your daily routine. Are you really into social media and streaming entertainment? Who knows what will happen. People might love watching their favorite shows using the web. People are probably hoping that there won’t be much change and that it was all hype.

The internet is a big part of the daily lives of people and businesses. Will people look back at the date of the change of net neutrality as a turning point? Things do change over time. Can you remember when the cell phone companies had unlimited calling plans. They then turned around and changed over to limited plans. Now, they are back to offering unlimited plans again. Stuff just seems to go in cycles.

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Thinking about starting an internet business. Earning income online working from the home office. Writing internet articles and going for the passive online income. Building lists of new subscribers. List building for affiliate marketing opportunities. Coming up with creative new content that can be used for blogging and more. Private label rights content for adding more value to web site domains.

Affiliate marketing links and driving web traffic with more content. Niche groups and niche domain names registration. Paying less for domain names. Finding domain name coupon codes and saving money with domain registration costs. Cheap web hosting accounts for internet web development. Using wordpress content management systems for making quality web sites quickly and easily.

Evergreen content options private label rights articles are they the way to go? Running out of things to say, think about turning to plr articles for more ideas. Learning something new for cheap with plr content. The plr content might be poor quality, but putting your own ideas into the mix means having new article content. Rewriting plr articles from different view points.

Happy about the tax cut. Cutting the taxes of the rich. What is the upside of cutting taxing for the rich and wealthy? What are the downsides of cutting programs for the poor and middle class? Lots of niches to choose.

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